Here at Spare Brains Games, we like games. Probably too much, but I'm sure we won't let that slow us down. We started gaming in the late 70's with such classics as White Box D&D and the original Tunnels & Trolls and Traveller. It only got worse from there with the advent of Champions and later 7th Sea and Deadlands. Throw in some Villains and Vigilantes, Espionage, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes, the James Bond RPG, Top Secret, Star Wars, Morrow Project, Call of Cthulhu, and a little bit of Rune Quest, and more games than we can remember. Yes, we're old school.

And don't get me started on board games! Start with The Middle Earth Trilogy, Luftwaffe and Panzer Blitz, and throw in the beer & pretzel complexity of Nuclear War, Awful Green Things From Outer Space, Car Wars, Naval War, and the newer Formula Motor Racing, Knights, Castle, etc. And then there's games such as Carcassone, Tortoise & Hare, Fearsome Floors, San Juan, etc.

But then came the prophet from the desert, or perhaps it was the forest.... James Ernest.

Cheapass Games revolutionized the industry by proving that you can have lots of fun for very little money.

Well, we here at Spare Brains Games hope to further that grand and somewhat twisted tradition. We also try to keep our games at a PG or PG-13 level so that kids as young as 10 can enjoy them.

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