A free game?  Yes, a free game. It's not a demo, it's not a partial version, this is a full game.

Karaoke Screams is a party game for four people or more. It has been tested with eight people and will work fine with more, but you'll probably be shuffling discard piles more often. If you are familiar with Out of the Box Games' Apples To Apples, then you know how to play Karaoke Screams. There are two decks of cards, Songs and People. Each player is dealt four People, the player whose turn it is draws a Song, announces the title, the other players play the person from their hand whom they think would produce the funniest or most horrible rendition of that song.

The full rules are available here. Go to the page, print it, save it.

The game will be available for download from this site in PDF format. It will be available as a ZIP or RAR format (links to programs for uncompressing ZIPs and RARs available here), it will also be available as a self-extracting Windows executable.

Free is not totally free, however; it's more of a do-it-yourself project. You will not be paying anything to download the game, but it may cost you money to print it out and make a playable set. There will be two formats available, 2" x 3.5" (standard business card size) and 2.5" x 3.5" (standard playing card size). The business card format is designed to print on Avery 5371 card stock available at office supply stores everywhere.

If your printer doesn't print 5371 or thick card stock well, I would recommend printing the cards on standard paper and taking them to a copy shop such as FedEx Kinko's, they can copy it onto thicker card stock and cut it for you. A page showing the cut lines will be available.

There will also be available for download a file containing a card back to help you differentiate the two types of cards. If using a copy shop such as Kinko's, they can print them double-sided for you.

The initial card set is biased towards rock music from the 70s and 80s, we intend to release music for other genres and eras, but since this is not a money-making project for us, they will be on an irregular basis. Any supplements will be announced on our mailing list, as will the initial availability of the game.

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