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Web Comics

Bruno the Bandit -- The continuing adventures of Bruno Bunyklutz, professional thief, and his sidekick Fiona the micro-dragon as he perpetrates scheme after scheme to get money, power, women, and drunk. Not necessarily in that order. Drawn by Ian McDonald.

User Friendly -- Set in a Canadian internet service provider, it follows the travails of computer geeks surrounded (and having to support) clueless users. Frequent appearances by Dust Puppy, Erwin the Sentient Macintosh, Cthulhu and Hastur. Drawn by J.D. "Illiad" Frazier.

Dork Tower -- A great take on the state of gaming and the occasional hopelessness of gamers, this award-winning title by John Kovalic is a riot to read.

Kevin & Kell -- Anthropomorphic web comic featuring a rabbit who runs an ISP called HareLink married to a wolf who is an executive at Herd Thinners, Inc. The artist, Bill Holbrook, also draws the syndicated strips On The Fast Track and Safe Havens.

Game Companies

Cheap Ass Games -- Rekindlers of the movement to produce games that don't cost $50 and requires four hours of study to play. Wonderfully amusing stuff.

Flying Buffalo, Inc. -- The founder of the computer-moderated play-by-mail game industry. Also the first competitor to Dungeons and Dragons with the Tunnels and Trolls series. Rick Loomis, founder and owner, is the current president of GAMA.

Steve Jackson Games -- Fun stuff abounds at SJGs, and if you don't have fun, keep an eye out for the Men In Black funded by the Gnomes of Zurich who control the Fnord Motor Company via Orbital Mind-Control Lasers.


GAMA -- The Game Manufacturer's Association, a group dedicated to promoting game manufacturers and retailers.


Phoenix Con Games -- A GREAT annual game convention in Phoenix, AZ

HexaCon -- Annual game convention in Phoenix, AZ.

GenCon -- One of the grand daddy game conventions, now twice yearly!

Origins -- The other grand daddy game convention!

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