Wayne is the founder/creator/owner/zombie wrangler/chief bottle washer of Spare Brains Games. And I shall now switch from using the Royal "We" to something a little more conversational.

I started Spare Brains Games back around 2003.  I have been tinkering with various game designs and modifications for several years, and in 2003, during an extended period of unemployment, I decided to take game design and development a bit more seriously.

One of my early designs was a game called Brain Inspector. The first version did not work -- the game never ended. A few modifications and a name change to Zombie Cafe (thanks, Jason!) and we have a fun game to play, and one that I hope you will buy and enjoy.

By background, I'm a database designer/administator. All of my games start in Microsoft Access, I sometimes use PhotoShop for custom graphics, but those are few and far between. I am also a photographer, writer, and husband.  I used to work for Flying Buffalo back in the mid 1980's and I've been playing games since the mid 1970's, I don't expect that to end until they lower me into the ground. I currently live in very rural New Mexico at an altitude of almost 9,000' and enjoy the respite from the summers of Phoenix.

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