We here at Spare Brains Games love receiving email, but not UCE (unsolicited commercial email, aka a Hormel product). To protect ourselves from spam, we use a program called BoxTrapper. When you first send an email to a SpareBrainsGames.com address, you will receive an automated reply with a link that you must click on to prove that you're a real person. Once you click that link, we will receive your email.

We also promise to never, ever, sell or give away your email address to anyone else. We do maintain a mailing list to send out announcements regarding product news, public tests, anything relevant to our games and our customers. It is maintained on a strictly opt-in/opt-out basis that you control. And as of August 2003, it's not very active, so you're not going to get deluged from us. And as of June 2006, the mailing list has been automated thanks to programs and scripts provided by my hosting service.

If you own a gaming store and are interested in carrying our products, please email Wayne regarding quantity pricing.

For any information (orders, problems, etc.), email: (remove the spaces) spare brains games at gmail dot com.

and just who is Wayne anyway?

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