September 2006:

We will not be at DragonCon September 1-4 in Atlanta, GA. Game event registration closes July 20.

July 2006:

Spare Brains Games will be at Phoenix Con Games, July 27-30, 2006. The full demo schedule hasn't been worked out yet, I'm hoping for a Karaoke Screams event at 9pm on Thursday. There will be flyers all over the hotel and I'll be getting some t-shirts made. Copies of Zombie Cafe will be available for purchase. We'll be running Karaoke Screams and doing demos of Waste of Celluloid and In Pursuit, and maybe a revised Trash of the Gladiators, we'll see if time permits.

Also hoping to pull off a demo day in Las Cruces, NM, perhaps over 4th of July weekend.

June 2006:

Hoping to have a Saturday demo day at Analog Games in Alamogordo, NM.

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