STANDING OFFER FOR FREE SWAG! To try and keep me honest and this web site with as few spelling errors as possible, if you should find a spelling error on this site and are the first one to send me that error, I'll send you something for free. Obviously the message boards or guest book don't count. The freebie might be a game, it might be a shirt, I don't know right now. Grammatical errors or capitalization problems do not count. Multiple submissions for the same error will be judged by email date/time stamp. Send submissions to Wayne, contact information conveniently located on the contact information page.

28 June 2006 -- New message board system works great from home!  Color me happy!

27 June 2006 -- Installed and tested the guest book. It has some options that I want to explore, maybe tomorrow night. Also installed the message board system, called SMF (Simple Machines Forum). I quite liked it.  I liked the previously installed board, phpBB, but for some reason PHP systems don't work well with my ISP at home. I sincerely hope the SMF system does! One feature about it that I really like is the built-in calendar, I've got to load up some more conventions onto it. Unfortunately it will probably mostly be conventions that I/Spare Brains Games will be unable to attend.

26 June 2006 -- Over the weekend I found some typos on a couple of pages.  I could have sworn that I had spell-checked all pages, obviously I had not. So that's taken care of.

17 June 2006 -- Finished major revisions and uploaded redone site.

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