Zombie Cafe is a game of zombies and brains. You had a nice little delicatessen, but that was before The Change. Overnight, your best customers became zombies, and a zombie's favorite food is brains. Fortunately your meat supplier also turned into a zombie, so getting your standing orders changed from pastrami and corned beef to brains and more brains wasn't difficult.

Zombie Cafe is a game of selling. Players are dealt five Brains from a Brain deck, each brain has a numeric value assigned indicating quality. The first player to sell all of their brains wins! Sounds easy, right?  Of course it isn't! During your turn you play modifiers from the Cafe deck on your brains to improve their quality and make them easier to sell, you play modifiers on other player's brains to decrease their quality and make them harder to sell, and general chaos ensues! It's not uncommon for one player to think they have it made and they'll go out on their next turn when suddenly a flurry of cards are played and they now have four more brains to deal with.

The game is fast to play, is good for 2-6 players (you could try eight players, but you'll exhaust the Brain deck pretty quickly), and a game usually lasts 20-30 minutes. One page of rules (double-sided), 52 Brain cards, and 50 Cafe cards. You will need two six-sided dice to play, preferably two per player.

PLEASE NOTE that the current edition of Zombie Cafe is not illustrated. If you are good at drawing zombies, drop us a note and maybe we can strike a deal.

Zombie Cafe retails for $16.95 plus shipping & handling via United States Post Office. Please contact us for shipping outside of North America.

Please note: as of April 2010, we are not offering direct online ordering, but we should have our PayPal button up again by the end of the month.


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